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How to avoid an invasion of mosquitoes

How to avoid the invasion of mosquitoes means long summer evenings, barbecues, bonfires, walks at sunset, swimming in lakes, fishing, etc.

means long summer evenings, barbecues, bonfires, walks at sunset, swimming in lakes, fishing, etc., but it also means that the problem with mosquitoes
Keep dry environment. Home. Even aquatic animals and bird baths in the garden attract mosquitoes. Check the hose is not leaking, you do not have rozwieszonego dripping laundry. drier environment, fewer mosquitoes.
Check roof gutters are clean, not locked, do not forget to regularly clean.
thinking Remove water from straight roofs.
Have a pool of fish they catch and eat mosquitoes.
Watch for trash basket was always covered.
keep clear of the baths and saunas, do not forget to chlorination from time to time.
tried , the liquid garlic or garlic juice, mosquito repellent.
Our Geranium - Geranium - .. emit odors that repel mosquitoes, but the extent of his works are just a few inches can make a mixture
granules lemon grass, mint and garlic oil not toxic, non-toxic and biodegradable insect repellent ... I do not need to add water to the mixture, but just spread it around the house measures is friendly to humans and pets, and grew up, so there is no danger for about 3 weeks and does not decompose in contact with water - if its raining -. 0.5 kg is sufficient for 74 m2.

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