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How to treat a cat nose

How to treat a cat cold cat nose is usually caused by two types of virus, herpesvirus

rhinitis is usually caused by two types of virus, herpesvirus - FHV-1 - and calicivirus - FCV - The proper diagnosis of this disease can help your vets diagnosis can be made on the basis of symptoms or May. Get the throat swab and send the cat it to the lab. probably wondering how to cure a cold cat? read these instructions.
If you notice that your cat is sick, you should immediately contact the vet and ask his advice.
There is no cure for feline nose. But In the meantime you can keep your pet in a comfortable environment, providing him with warmth and treating symptoms. Your veterinarian can prescribe drops or ointment for conjunctivitis.
corneal ulcer should be immediately examined by a veterinarian, who will arrange appropriate treatment .
discharge from eyes and nose, your cat must often wipe and rinse with warm water and salt.
again bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, the vet will prescribe for your cat.
Mouth ulcers can be very painful for will cause your cat to stop eating. So, if your cat stops eating and drinking, immediately consult your veterinarian. Sometimes, the cat must be hospitalized and fed separately because the ulcer was so painful that the cat can not swallow anything.
dehydrated animals may need intravenous fluids. animals that will be connected to the drip had to stay in hospital for a day or two.
If your cat has lost his sense of smell, will not be interested in any food. Encourage your cat to eat. ready for this very smell of food, such as sardines.
Keep cats away from other cats. Cat hay is spread by direct contact between animals, sneezing or using the same bowls, bedding and cages. not take the hand of another patient cat, so you can pass the virus on to their pet.
vaccinate your cat. present market-specific vaccines that prevent infections caused by viruses that contribute to the creation of feline coryza. discuss them with your veterinarian.

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