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How the cat get used to the dog

How to get used to the dog cat Pets are great friends of man

Pets are great friends of the man Well, if someone wants to have them at home, and preferably more than one But what if we want to have a dog and cat pet, who allegedly was not very comfortable ..? No matter what you hear and you think you can teach your dog and cat living under the same roof in harmony with each other. Here are some tips on how to do it.
But before you bring home a kitten or a puppy with zwierzaczkowi the house was already established, you must remember a few things. First, the older pet, the first master of the house. newly introduced pet will thus be seen as an intruder. In the second part, and you must treat it as for the moment. I think here Here is to not let the new pet immediately run around the house and win. must, of course, with a new place to tame, but some do it gradually and slowly so as not to jeopardize a very quick way of autonomy first. keep them apart at night and early supervise all dog dating contacts with the cat.
If you have pets at the beginning separately, be sure that after all will be when we see each other. Do not rebuke an animal in the presence of others. If a dog or cat starts to attack, take the animals and only company to say the tone no! or leave it. Identify pets with the best.
If you notice any of the pets who are transplants to aggression, separate them from each other. Do not try to acclimate to power. then it does not work. Older senior pet used to have problems, and younger will be defended.
Fri Take your time. Have fun with them. If you still say that two pets are equally important and will soon begin to show them to tolerate. Try a common entertainment. Find Toys that pets will be able to play together.
Sometimes it requires a lot of time before the cat gets used to the dog and vice versa. But if you really spend your time - it is really important and not to the benefit of any animal, you should go much faster .

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