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How to teach your cat to use a scratching post

How to teach your cat to use the scratching scratching furniture, sofas and wallpaper for cats is absolutely normal behavior

scratching furniture, sofas and wallpaper for cats is absolutely normal behavior can not be completely eliminated, but you can train your cat to scratch and learn what he would use his heels
method .. No
Squat with Cat Tree holds your favorite cat a treat, and he called. Slowly, like a cat will raise his hand closer to treat scratching post, so that the cat had to rely on their front feet to get to. Gradually increase the height so that the cat had to start climb drapaku for lunch. Learning this way is quite a long time. exercises to do every day, but every day you can see the progress.
method number 2
Use your favorite cat toy. Hang them on a string, it attaches to the heel end. Your cat will climb up to grab the toy. about Cat Tree you can put more toys, scratch post, so that became the center of the field of entertainment.
Tree, located at the place where the most cutting cat claws. On For example, if your cat likes to scratch corner couch, scratching behavior was at that point. At the beginning of this meeting can be for you a little uncomfortable, but over time, as the habit of cat tree can move it to the destination
If you have several cats , learn how to use the first cat tree Cat, who leads the group if this is the mother of children - to learn first .. Other Mother. Cats learn by imitating itself.

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