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How to teach your dog to walk on a leash

How to teach your dog to walk on a leash to teach your dog to walk on a leash is very important

... Teach your dog to walk on a leash is very important to a dog no innate ability to walk on a leash, as some think the dog can not pull on the leash and pull you together, if appropriate, extend or shorten the leash , giving the dog more or less freedom. Its go with the dog for a walk, and not he with you. How to properly get on with teaching the dog to walk on a leash? must read.
U For a good start. / u What you need are a collar and leash length of six meters. If your dog has a habit of plucking and pulling behind you, it will probably be able to easily slip away from the usual collar. good solution would be a chain collar. They are ideal for teaching a dog to walk on a leash. look like a normal collar, with an extra loop that tightens when the dog wants to escape and get out of the collar.
course u command. / u Select the word or phrase in communicating clearly and legibly dog, and what required of him. type commands to heel, come with me or will be suitable. Start you learn to recognize commands from the very beginning.
u stop and go. / u When your dog pulls on the leash, stop Now do not move. Do not let your dog wants to go. But you will not be run trailed behind him on a leash. If you stop, you give him to understand that you are the rule, and will not go anywhere if you dig. You can also shorten your leash . be ruthless.
premium dog. / u Every time the dog performs a command or adjust to the pace of their march to show him that it is well done and reward him. So after every successful walk, some of his favorite treat, rub, be nice and cheerful tone of voice. Also during the walk, when practicing a new trick or command the dog to show that you are happy with their progress. Pat and tell him good dog and clapping, so. It is also a good time to use Clicker - if you choose to practice in its use - .. show your dog that you enjoy your progress will be more willing please, he will know that waiting for something good, and that makes you happy . At first youll have trouble paying attention to the dog and the recommendations. Kus to attract his attention and treats. then gradually reduce the treats. the dog should respond to you and your commands, not food.
u problem . / u For sure this happens, so that your dog does not want to work with you, because in this area, there is something interesting. For example, the cat then stop and wait until it calms down it will not work in this situation After all, repeat the command and go in the opposite direction from that which the dog is your dog - .. such as on a leash - do not come out and you will follow. If you want to arrive and still pull in the opposite direction, Curb leash. teach him obedience. must realize that youre important.

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