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How to avoid heat stroke in dogs

How to Avoid Heat Stroke High temperatures in the dog takes its toll not only one

... High temperatures
takes its toll not only people in the hot summer days, do not forget to properly take care of your dog and human imprudence often leads to a situation where the dog suffers heatstroke As is avoided and that to recognize its symptoms? youll learn in the next article. Describe heatstroke in the dog and tell him how to prevent it.
dog can be exposed to heat stroke if left too long in a closed car in hot weather., exposed to heat stroke are dogs with short and pyszczkach are pugs and Pekingese. Dogs and black hair, black as the sun keeps.
Ziaja, and when the dog starts freaking out, it means you got a heat stroke. This may lead to the death of a dog, so when you get a stroke immediately take him into the tank of cold water to the door. have to wait 15 minutes, until the dog cool. After returning home to your dog as soon as the shower and pour him a strong cold water. When the dog stops ziajańá means that his health back to normal.
should be cautious when we go out on a hot day with the dog for a walk or ride with him on the trip by car.

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