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How to clean the teeth of your cat

How to clean your teeth cat Studies show that cats that suffer from tooth and gum disease often suffer from diseases such as leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus

Research shows that cats who suffer from tooth and gum disease often suffer from diseases such as leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus - FIV -. For this reason, the need to brush your cat is not in the whole joke. Here are some tips on how how to clean cat teeth.
cat teeth cleaning is best to start when the cat is still young.
gradually begin to accustom the cat to touch the teeth. Begin gently insert a finger into the mouth of a cat when the cat on her lap, waiting for caress.
to buy a special toothbrush for cats. It can also be soft infant toothbrush or finger toothbrush.
swab with something What you smell and taste treat for your favorite female - for example, dip the brush in the juice tuna, milk, butter - depends what your cat likes -.
Wait until the cat starts to lick, suck and bite my toothbrush Wait a few days until the cat. to be used for brush and build on the positive connotations.
After a few days to give your cat a toothbrush, and it will start to lick your teeth gently massaged it. After a few days, apply a pre-moistened with a little delicacy toothbrush toothpaste for cats. Slowly, day by day increase the amount of paste and reduce the amount of delicacy.
always after cleaning teeth cat to give him something good to eat, touch it or play with him.
Give your cat a special supplemental food cleaning teeth and support the care of gum.

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