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How to teach a dog to adopt

How to teach your dog to learn to adopt a dog downloads can be a difficult task

retrieving dog can be a difficult task, but it is a very useful command can also be helpful in creating a connection between you and your dog What are the best methods to teach the dog to bring fra...?
taking science to be done gradually and in small increments. Dogs, especially puppies, show no interest in training, as they love to play and run. Training should not be so much science as fun.
every dog ​​is different. so do not be wonder if your dog does not want to listen to you immediately and will not be first brought thrown objects. However, some argue that the command is loaded dog can learn very quickly. main working tool is your voice. You sound exciting and przyciągająco that the dog felt the excitement in his voice , to know that something important is happening, and he must react to the high-pitched voice and emotions to a high level
Before you throw a dog stick - .. or anything - to download, it will be good if you first teach him to lift the stick. to put the dog and ask him if he gave to you. Every time we praise the dog to rub it, tell him that you are very satisfied with his cooperation and that is a good dog. Repeat this exercise as many times as you do not have to tell him what to do with a stick. I will know.
If, after all, your dog is not interested in learning new commands, try to show you frustrated by his behavior. Do not get upset at the dog because only this kind of practice zniechęcisz or zastraszysz and it will be treated as a chore rather than fun. not discipline your dog, so be patient. Every dog ​​has its own pace science.
beginning of the training is good to keep your dog on leash. Basics dog retrieving the subjects mouth, and encourage your dog to catch him in the teeth. issue a stick and rub in the face from nose to forehead. Pats assistance dog in utwierdzeniu that a good thing. May will be held in the mouth while downloading thing to get used to him. Remember, never forcing the dog, but encouraged.
Finally, after a long exercise, the dog must learn to take the item downloads. As I will be overcome, it is a good way to close this topic and encourage the dog to bring it back. Remember that every time a dog is proud. It may take some time before the dog to learn to take a perfect, just as you dreamed. But do not hurry the dog. Treat it as entertainment. In the end will surely fail.

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