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How to breed horses

How to breed horses, breed horses before, you must pay attention to some important things, like horse racing, his physical condition, structure, purpose of future foals

Prior to breed horses, you must pay attention to some important things, like horse racing, his physical condition, structure, purpose of future foals Horse breeding is not all that easy to do, as do May .. These animals require a lot of attention. Read these tips before you decide to breeding horses.
Think about why you want to breed horses? What is its purpose? want a horse to ride for pleasure, or perhaps looking workhorse? You select a horse race that stands out in a particular area .
Think about what is the size and growth of the horse you are interested. breed horses that are too low or too high, it will be good for all kinds of activities. Think about the qualities of character, different for each race. Want to horses or a quiet passionate and sensitive.
Once you select a horse to provide him with adequate living conditions. Stable should be clean and neat, feces removed permanently. Cots can be tight, these animals need space. Remember, though, its always good to be close. Essential for grazing horses. animals must have permanent access to them. for sporting breeds have large pastures where the animals can easily be run. grass must be kept clean and mowed regularly.
Provide adequate food. Horses need to have excellent food , rich in micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. food you can buy in a particular store. fresh grass, hay, straw, oats, barley or corn and carrots are also excellent food for horses.
forget to regularly clean the animals. used for that purpose brush. Start from the horses neck and slowly work your way down. Brush your whole body, including legs and belly. While brushing the animal has no scratches or wounds that require treatment.
Do not forget to comb mane and tail of a horse. use for that purpose brush with hard bristles. tail cleaning, remember to always stand on the side - never on the back of the animals
Remember regular watering animals by giving water should be clean and fresh but, you know that horses should not be watered immediately after exercise the best solution to allow the animals .... sustainable access to water.
Provide ongoing veterinary care. Remember the proper vaccine and food additives that help to maintain healthy animals. If you notice that your horse is behaving a bit strange, please contact you as soon as possible to the vet. Pay attention to all wounds and abrasions.

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