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How to care for a rabbit

How to care for rabbits Rabbits are large animals, easy to grow and care

Rabbits are large animals, easy to grow and care with a little care breeds of rabbits in the house and have a companion for hugging and playing for many years, here are tips on how to take care of a rabbit
Select the box that will house your rabbit. If you intend to keep rabbits out, the box will have dimensions of about 1 meter to 1 meter for medium sized rabbit. In addition, about 1/3 frames should have a solid bottom and walls, as ensure animal comfort. whole should be covered. hay or old towel you can get a big bed. cage placed in a safe place, away to the dogs and other wild animals.
side cage to put the bottle with clean water must be replaced every day. massive stone vessel can be used as a container for food is heavy and difficult to deliver. good solution is a special container which is placed outside the cages, they are very easy to use. food pan is also very easy assembly.
food for rabbits can be bought in pet shops or feed stores. So if you would simply add to the food oats are very nutritious, and the rabbits love them. have to worry about his health. Hard foods such as alfalfa seeds is good for rabbits because their teeth continue to grow. animals must delete them bite hard things. can also be applied to alfalfa in the form of rabbits or hares fibers provide something you can chew. Place the carrots in a cage, you can also add a little salt, you will be able to lick rabbits. time to enrich your diet with vitamins and minerals.
Most rabbits need about 1/2 cup of food per day. Look carefully at your pet and see how much food he needs.
spend lots of time playing with her rabbit. The more time you devote to it, more will be tamed. You can play with him or brush him a hug. Most rabbits can be trained as well as allow you to let him out. Breeding rabbits is a very easy and pleasant task.

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