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How to tame a parrot

How to tame a parrot If you have problems with unruly parrot, you find a solution

If you have problems with unruly parrot, you find a solution Here are some tips that will help you to get used to each parrot Happiness
daily, for 3-5 minutes, put his hands on ..! Box which hold a parrot. Over time, the bird should get used to it.
Place a piece of lettuce in a cage. salad is a favorite of many birds. If you find that your parrot loves it, too, put a piece in hand. parrot closer elect.
Be patient. Taming the parrot can take more than a week.
Remember that first week you should not too close to the parrot. Focus only on the food and cleaning cages.
After the first week, you can spend a lot of time with the parrot as you want.
Macaws tells a warm, gentle voice. do not understand what the truth is what you have to say, but positively react to the tone of your voice.
carefully watching what is your parrot. You will learn to That way, your character, and to determine approximately how long its domestication. For example, the domestication of the self-confident and energetic little parrot takes less than a week, but if the parrot is shy and stressed, it will take much longer.
If your parrot bites Under no circumstances return to arms. bird is trying to show our dominance. Any movement on your part to give him a feeling of fear is just a step to further attacks.
Remember that the key to tame any animal is patience.

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