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Learn How to clean a rabbit

Learn How to clean a rabbit a few people realize that most rabbits can learn how to use the litter box

Few people realize that most rabbits can learn how to use the litter box actually, I do not need them to learn enough to use the knowledge that rabbits tend to settle in either. In two places
Make that the rabbit can easily get into the cuvette at least on one side, and that is so high that none of it leaks is usually good for a cat litter box -. even closed ones, especially if your rabbit likes to push the feces out -.
At first, do not let the rabbit out of the cage to watch it carefully and note where they settled If you do not do it on the litter box is not to worry ... just move the litter box where the rabbit is usually calm.
Like I will succeed in a cage that is the time to the rabbit more freedom. Limit rabbit running on only one room. even if you later enable the bunnies running around the house, and then close it at the start in one room, preferably where the floor tiles - bathroom or kitchen -.
Place at the corner of the second litter box - the first in a cage - and make sure the rabbit does not know where - lure him some time in their various specialties - Follow the rabbit ...
carefully as soon as you notice that rabbit wants to get rid of him to grab and put it quickly in order cuvette cuvettes then repay him treat
If the rabbit will be on their needs and elsewhere do the same thing in a cage -. move. litter box where they usually bobki
May, sometimes You will find that the rabbit. will be deployed in multiple locations outside of the cage, then you will need another litter box
penalty is not a good way to teach a rabbit This rabbit is the best reward is treated when it starts to behave in the manner desired by us .. - it may take some time -.
The rabbit will learn how to use the litter box in one room and they can gradually begin to expand its race for him, the other room.

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