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What to do in case of choking a dog?

What to do in case of choking a dog choking dog in case we have little time for action?

If choking dogs have little time for action, of course, you should immediately call the vet, but before it arrives, it May be too late So you should already know how to help your dog in case of strangulation or suffocation .
u Make your mouth / u
Open your dogs mouth and see if he was not taken in the throat, such as herringbone.
Remove foreign body / u
If the dog has something in his throat to remove it with tweezers.
u reverse c dog upside down / u
hold the dog back and lift your legs so that it hung upside down and Kika times strongly Shake. If the dog is too heavy, then pick up the hind legs only.
u trick Perform Heimlich / u
Lift the dog up. hands, press the abdomen several times. Try to keep the dog, however, so the upside down. This procedure can be done to lift, turning upside down, so back touches the chest and compress the abdomen.
u Check your dogs mouth / u
Check again if the mouth no foreign body.
u pat the dog between the shoulder blades / u
Grasp the dog with one hand and pat him vigorously between the shoulder blades.

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