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How to scare Hornets

Hornets Hornets How to scare a gray eminence in the world of insects, burdened with many myths and prejudices

. Hornets
gray eminence in the world of insects, burdened with many myths and prejudices are therefore largely exterminated as soon as they appeared, and today belong to endangered species, how to behave and what to remember when you suddenly discover. Their presence in the vicinity of their home?
Forget the myths about the 40 fatal bites.
Hornets are predators. use their stings against other insects and are capable of multiple bite. Do not leave your sting in the skin of the victim as the bees that specialize in defending against large vertebrates. hornet venom is not known substance is a painful sting from a bee or wasp stings, mainly due to the greater sting, and acetylcholine in the presence of poison. estimated to kill a human need for hundreds of stitches. Of course, for those who are allergic to any one sting can lead to death, why should people who are sensitive for the entire season, the increased occurrence of insects carry a syringe of adrenaline.
Avoid harsh, artificial scents.
Insects can interfere
artificial scents, like the strong smell of perfume or alcohol, as well as persons participate in the recording or simply remove the nest often rub the garlic, mint and other fragrant plants extensively, keeping in mind, of course, clothes. Without it, we must not approach too close to the insect, because the sense of danger without reflection attacks. So if you have a hornets nest with home, do not try to act independently, they have, and not its removal to the professionals.
ensure safety in the home.
mesh ventilation pipes at home to insects can nest in them. If
you can, remove the plug, leave for the winter.
swarm dies in winter, burying his mother hibernates in the soil, and the socket is empty. why winter is also a good time to remove the nests in attics of our homes and protect, not the origin of the new.

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