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How to train a dog begging

How to train a dog begging Train dog not only encourage the desired behavior, but also the elimination of bad habits?

train the dog not only to encourage the desired behavior, but also the removal of bad habits One such bad behavior is begging for food and is looking for people who are in the process of eating a meal .. dog looks beseechingly eyes, squeals and barks are not allowing anyone to eat quietly. Here are some tips on how to train your dog to beg for food.
Ignore the dog.
If your dog starts to beg him to try to ignore it completely. If the dog has learned that begging brings some tasty effects of the original image will be very happy to repeat their behavior, and even improved - whistling, howling, podszczekiwanie -.
never share your dog what you eat
. br Of course it is much easier to give the dog food from his plate to his silence and redirect their attention to the end of our meal. This, however, only strengthened his praying at the earliest opportunity. also please all your guests that no one will ever give your dog anything to eat, if you do not do it. It often happens that customers do not understand you can not fatten the dog. He does not regret their dog, who was so sad watching them in the eye and give him a little crunched. Podkarmianie dog only strengthens his bad behavior - begging for food -.
teach your dog to ask for a delicacy that way you can stop begging at inappropriate times - .. such as during lunch, teach a dog to ask to get a snack, keep it over the dog, wait until the dog begins to pray for him and then give it to him to eat.
teach your dog commands No. Every dog ​​should be able to commands like sit, lie or not. command is very useful in various oduczeniu bad dog behavior including begging. commands you can teach a dog holding a dog treat high and do not speak loudly like a dog will jump up to get . Later, your dog starts to beg at the table you can use the same command to stop jumping or standing on hind paws.
draw their attention. If your dog is always the ribs for something to eat for lunch or dinner, and not responding to commands do not have to turn away just before I sit down to table. Fill a bowl of dog food and water and give him a toy that has something to worry about while you eat. As your dog gets a treat for lunch, you will not ask anything from your plate. if necessary , what do you think about closing the dog in a separate room in time to eat.
premium dog food off the table. Do not let your children and give a dog sticks, chips or scraps of food directly from the table and do not let your dog lick plates. It was just him learn that human food is delicious and you can always find a nearby table. As long as you give your dog the food you eat, as long as you teach him begging and asking for the remains.

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