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How to grow corn snake

How to grow corn snake If you are interested in a terrarium, and we would like to try our strength in this area, we will be easiest to start with a corn snake

Terrarium If you are interested and would like to try our strength in this area, we will be easiest to start with a corn snake This is an excellent choice for beginners, because the snake is very durable and not too high expectations. Therefore ideally suited for the first time growers.
Zbożówka is readily available in Poland, and hold the home does not require any special permission. snake purchased in many pet stores in the price of 150 zl. tube grain reaches an average length of 1 meter, and its color may be very different, because the long-term culture, the number of different colors.
Minimum corn snake terrarium for a 80 cm long, 40 cm wide and 40 inches in height. Its not a great number and size of your terrarium easily fits in every home.
terrarium with a home we can create a true work of art, placing a water hole in it, and ornaments of stone, roots, Moss and vines. The outstanding role of the substrate using peat or soil.
The optimum temperature for these animals is 24 degrees, so it is worth investing in a thermostat, which will take care of maintaining a constant temperature inside the terrarium.
bowel grains as one of the few do not require UVB radiation. Just here a standard bulb, which illuminates the terrarium in 12 hours.
Young snakes eat whole grains for children was operated mice and hamsters and adult subjects were adults and give the best live mice and hamsters. once every 2-3 weeks if the snake refused to eat food, it could mean that: the victim is too big The serpent is in an advanced pregnancy, just before skinning, it is still hungry or ill in such a situation should be carefully monitored. your pet.
grains hoses are peaceful animals, and usually are easily tamed. But remember that when buying a new member household must be at least a month to give him time to adjust to the new location. If you start too early to bother the snake, never take him to trust us and we will be recognized as a risk of exhausting it would be better avoided.
snake sex recognition not easy, especially for people who are not really familiar with it. Females are smaller and thinner, and the tail is wider than in men, and to make such comparison must have had some experience, the best so when you buy a snake to ask the person selling it to us about their gender.

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