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How to play with a hamster

How to play with hamsters hamsters deprived of human attention is a wild, scared, running away from her hand or bite

Hamsters deprived of human attention is a wild, scared, running away from her hand or bite, but tame hamster, who devotes much time and heat will be used on people, happy, healthy and most importantly, used. And give you the same love like you do. Here you will find instructions on how to play with the hamster to become a member of the family.
Let hamster climbs hands preferring one hand over the others. This is a great way to get used to the smell of hamsters and more exercise is good for it, especially if your home has enough space to work.
properly equip the cage. Today is a great selection of frames, as hamsters like to be on the move. more cage the better. Some frames have built-in spring and climb down the pipe downward, spinning wheel running, and even special baby hamster.
often, preferably every day to hug your hamster, just be sure not too hard, because you can do him harm.
make a maze for your hamster and help him pass it to him gently guided by hand. first time may have minor problems, but it certainly will be managed. Remember to always reward him fresh fruit or vegetables for a good job.
perfect treat that will encourage the hamster to run the cheese. Some breeders however, point out that hamsters can be allergic to dairy products, but in many cases it does not work. You and I see how your pet reacts to the cheese.
Remember that hamsters are nocturnal animals and will not be impressed if they wake up before the holidays.
Be prepared for a bit. hamster can bite unexpectedly, for example, when you are in pain when you get scared when a bad thing, because it is too early to wake up, or is sick. When hamster bites you, not him leave or to stop it, even if you Are you surprised by his behavior. If the bite is bleeding quietly put a hamster in a cage, wash the wound will be certified.
balls are ideal for running, if you want to keep the hamsters in good condition. Set Hamsters in the roll-on and leave it in a large room. I try to clean the room and out of the way as possible obstacles. Otherwise hamster can really upset that constantly comes with some facilities. hamster can run roll-on no more than 30 minutes, watch this time.
nicer you are to hamsters, more respect and trust in Him to be, so nice and caring in their best interest.

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