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How to clean a horse

How to clean the horses are now becoming increasingly popular form of recreation is riding

now becoming increasingly popular form of recreation is riding so many people of all ages benefit from this type of cooperative activities with the horse does not begin, however, from behind, but in a stable of horses before riding ... we clean up and saddled. How to do it properly? Here is a brief introduction.
enter the cave, we assume leash. first translate the smaller eye of the horses mouth, and ears pretpostaviti long strip. zippered. we tied the halter. us horses in the barn, the stable transition in and out, depending on the rules that govern the barn.
we brush our horses. It is important not to mix brushes between horses. ideal to have these needles and usually with a medium hard brush fibers, other movements are : .... hair and then brush your hair with needles wipe a hair brush Repeat this process until the horse will be deleted It is important that the volume - behind the front legs - no zaklejek, dust and dirt. beautiful hair, first You should brush with a comb needles.
Now for the hoof. If you are not confident in your skills or a horse, ask the instructor for assistance. To properly clean the hoof, you must stand near kopytnikiem horse in hand. Take care of your feet. horses Stables are taught to give legs. leave your hand on the legs of horses, saying please or foot. At this point the horse should raise the limb. We have to keep one hand on the side or to resist a sharp kopytnika clean the hoof, to remove sand and mulch and stones from hooves on both sides of the arrow - .. element in the form of V hoof - must be clear of the break, we do it with all four legs We must remember that back .. hooves should be slightly withdrawn . Then the horse was unable to kick. If we are afraid to clean the rear hooves yourself, ask someone for help or a more experienced instructor.
tail and mane are the elements that must be cleaned. mane a special brush to comb or brush with a needle. try not to hitch a horse. tail should be taken to the side. In this sense, becomes close to the back of a horse or another, we are the tail from the base and sliding his hand down. Take the tail, on which we stand. we can now safely and powybierańá comb the straw.

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