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How to sew a shirt for a dog

How to sew a shirt for dog winter, while walking our dogs is cold

Winter, while walking our dogs a little cold to warm, you can sew for them cieplutkÄ… fleece shirt your dog will be warm and it will look very elegant ..
download and print Template t-shirts - sweatshirts template Martha Stewart / em -. template you can zoom in and out -. adjust its size to the size of your dog French bulldog from the picture above, the template is increased by 225 percent. br
Cut the front sweatshirts sweatshirts template front -. the dog stomach - Cover fleece in such a way that the bending line of fleece line coincides with the bending template only reduce jumpers -. the top dog -. of fleece cut two sleeves. extract templates to know how to sew
connections for mounting the front needle -. belly - the sleeves in a way that an arrow from a template sleeve in contact with an arrow front sweatshirts --- - see the picture next to it -. If you put a sleeve on the table as a template is the main template, you must turn to the other side use a paperclip sewing machine side walls -. indicated in Figure -.
now bind to the backward shirts - sweatshirts top dog - a housewife. in such a way that you are double arrows marked on the template with every touch of the selected stitch staple
Trim excess material from seam stitching at the seams marked on the template side.
road cut on the head inside jumpers at about 5 cm. Fold the template is marked on the dotted line. penetrate the device around the neck about 4 cm from the road.
To create a tunnel for the elastic around the neck break neck again, this time about 2.5 cm from the road. Make a small cut of scissors on the back of the neck and using safety pins through the tunnel przepchaj eraser.
eraser on top of the tractor and does not apply to the ends of the loop to provide a rubber band to slip on cuffs. Clip the ends of the eraser.
decorating T-shirts with iron letters.

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