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How to hunt doves

How to chase pigeons pigeons are birds of the city

Pigeons are birds of the city, of course, these are animals that deserve respect, not only because of the cult of pigeons in many literary works, and because of its symbolism the dove symbolizes peace, however, sometimes pigeons uprzykrzają .. our lives. Especially If you live in a block / tower. often build their nests on the shelf and serves as a daily alarm by pressing the windows of our consumption and cooing sounds. There are several hypotheses about the origin of birds in urban areas. One of them says, urban birds have escaped from farms. take their sheep breeds in the towns, because different types of buildings are the ideal environment for this type of bird. Sometimes, however, we want to reduce their impact on our lives. In this article you will learn what to do in order to circumvent their pigeons houses, blocks , or at least the floor where you live.
First, find places where you usually live pigeons. This could be bedroom window sill, balcony, kitchen window or door. We turn now to ways to reduce their visits. However, before it should be noted that less than humane methods will be presented. Not soon poison pigeons. This behavior is condemned. We will not go the easy way.
very effective way is to buy a special barbed lawn. It consists mainly of acute strings. If, however, in a nearby garden center does not have this kind of gadget, you might want to consider doing it yourself. We must do it with salt the size of our window pane. moved into her thin long nails at a distance of about 2 cm. This entire memo pad holder should be then pierced it spikes up and attached to the threshold can be used on both two-sided adhesive tape or wire
Another very good - ... proven - the solution is simple bag.? film applied to them depending on the length of the threshold would need several Each bag or ten of them valid in the SCROLL and then put the end of the bag -. where the top floor - the window sill .. You can use the entire tape Lotta That this can be duct tape or packaging. Repeat this step until the bag is placed over the width of the window pane. interval between successive bags can be 3cm. using colored bags by the way, we can improve the aesthetic value of our house. We
also be installed across the width of the threshold line. However, this method represents a great challenge, because not everyone has the opportunity to anchor the sill line, by a few inches above it. Install a few lines of the line parallel to the threshold. more places przesiadywania pigeons can mount the CD on a string or fishing line. It should scare the pigeons. luck!

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