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How to give your child a dog

How to give child birth dog puppies are doing great, that usually waits impatiently for all household members

Puppies are born great event, which usually waits impatiently for all household members in women Pregnancy lasts an average of 59-65 days, let us remember that at this point to ensure a future of peace Mum and adequate food , will also need regular vet visits, professional advice on how to proceed and determine the approximate date of birth.
In some breeds, like bulldogs, it is the presence of a veterinarian during szczenienia, because they usually end in caesarean section. But if our dog is not difficult race passes childbirth and pregnancy occurs correctly, there is nothing in the way we select only the delivery. Remember, however, that despite all our vet warned that labor is approaching, and agree with him that, if you need to come help us.
first signs of labor, which can occur as early as 24 hours earlier, discomfort, swelling of the vulva and looking for places for childbirth. We were ready for something like a female socket, arrange on a lonely old place comfortable, but washed and clean rags, which, after all, is clearly rejected. pregnant women is likely to consider such a comfortable bed for the perfect place to work, but if the pup decides przenośmy elsewhere that it is not by force, because they will point out only.
For the first few hours of operation will be followed by uterine contractions, and woman will appear on the bed, scratch them and popiskiwać, and finally put a strong side or crouch and press start. first puppy should occur within six hours If, however, despite pushing Young does not appear, call your veterinarian. Also, you should call for help, if the spacing between subsequent birth of the puppies for longer than two hours.
If after the birth of a puppy bitch she is with him, frees him from the membrane, Licks and eat the umbilical cord, you should give him rest. But if it is not interested in posterity, we must release him, the tear film, remove the puppy, tie the umbilical cord and cut it.
should not be surprised when after the expulsion of bearings, bitch will eat them, because that is how most normal behavior.
during childbirth should keep meticulous records, time start, time of birth of each puppy, the number of displaced beds, etc.
If you notice any symptoms of which are concerned it is best to call the vet and ask for help.

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