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How to teach your dog the command jump

How to teach your dog the command jump Every dog ​​owner wants to teach him many tricks and commands

Every dog ​​owner wants to teach him many tricks and commands The basic package is a command, sit, stand, lay down but I think we teach your dog the command to make the leap, youll learn here ..?. Br
Show Dog High overhead his favorite treat.
dog, who want to reach for a treat, will combine and try to lay hands on his knees to pick up for a treat.
If you put your hands on your lap, give him a treat as Award.
After several days of repetition the dog will try less and less support in your lap while just starting to stand on two legs.
After the next few days, you can now pick up the same free hand to heal, but youll still have to carry a bag of goodies, because when the dog performs a trick well, and will reward you.
After a week to spend the same command without an additional motive. several times you can even encourage your dog treats, but only sometimes, the dog is not accustomed to the fact that they give to him.

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