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How to make a blanket for the cat

How to make a blanket for your pet cat does not have a place to sleep after a cat, set up everywhere, just not where it should be?

your pet does not have a place to sleep after a cat, set up everywhere, just not where it should be, but if you do it nice and soft bed will surely be ulubuje Such blanket? .. Be useful for travel or poĊ›cielenia cat in a basket. Heres how to easily make kitty blanket.
Spread the shirt flat on a table or floor. Keep in mind that a larger shirt, youre a bigger blanket.
Cut jumper cutting the central part of the sleeves, and rib at the entrance to the head
Then, using a ruler -. or tailoring meter - Measure the size of 7x7 cm squares - or like you - every step of the rectangle cut sweatshirts - actually two, because we have a front runner and the other on the back - and not to separate them, all while working on two -.
then cut squares of cardboard. Cut the strip length and width of cut squares of two inches.
Payment cut strips of cardboard, cut the edges of the blanket into strips.
It is a round cut blouse.
Just to tie the cut edge of each rectangle together.
blanket ready. cat will surely enjoy it.

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