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What breed of dog to choose?

Buying a dog choose a dog is a very important event in the life of the family

Buying a dog is a very important event in the life of a family decision should not be taken lightly and spontaneously, remember that it is an obligation for many years and we can not give up after a few days Lets be responsible.! For starters, consider the Do we want to adopt a dog from a shelter, take a puppy from a friend, because his bitch was whelped, or buy a pedigree dog? assume that we decide on a dog race, and we can select the appropriate breed to our lifestyles and expectations.
First, we wonder if the animals live in a hut, or will be received at home. Since then, much depends. live outside, and more suitable for dogs with long hair and well-finished cold weather, it could be for example, St. Bernards. Husky wilczury or the court should not live dogs with short hair, prone to colds and of course, no race sofa - after all, no one can imagine Yorkie enclosed pen -. lets also the belief that every big dog can sleep outside , Dogs are impressive, although it should be kept in a playpen.
now that the dog be a typical pet companion whether in accordance with any obligation to keep the house. To guard are the perfect example of Shepherd or Akita Tatra.
Now we take in our life style scrutiny. Of course, if most of the time is not our home, we all should think about the meaning of pet acquisition. But if we choose a typical kanapowcami is one such dog. For example, make a pug and przytulaka drone. However, despite this, do not forget the daily walks, and so will be a duty, but it will reflect positively on the health of the dog and owner.
biggest mistake is choosing breeds that require a lot of traffic, and we can not provide . example can be seen more frequently in the cities of the Beagle, which is really hard to be given to the owner if their needs are not met.
race chooses not to seek qualified to resolve, if we do not have such skills. Buying a sweet little pit bull and his bad upbringing can be fatal. Call us for the Dog House also led not by its size. principle that a smaller dog, the more loved and served to the children, absolutely not work. Often these miniature dogs are very timid and fragile due to construction or long hair, avoid contact with children, and perhaps even try to defend with your teeth.
If you decide to start the race, talk about her as much information from the internet directly from the growers, thus ensuring that your choice will be correct.

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