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How to deal with Ferret

How to deal with ferret ferrets were once a rare sight in most animal shelters, but many sites now have a special box for these social creatures

ferrets were once a rare sight in most animal shelters, but many sites now have a special box for these social creatures Although many workers still do not know such basic shelter needs of domestic ferrets If the shelter is often visited by Ferret, Contact an experienced veterinarian who can perform an initial medical examination and provide ongoing medical care. If you ever need to refresh their knowledge, review the following guidelines.
u Adjust furniture. / u
ferrets are the ancestors of animals that live in caves, so any bed should be prepared to resemble caves. Use wire cage measuring at least 18 cm long, 18 cm deep and 30 cm wide. Many ferrets cage two levels, which are equipped with stairs or slopes, which can be climb, and shelves or hammocks, that they can solve. Might be appropriate even ordinary cages for cats, but avoid aquariums, which provide poor ventilation. Because ferrets are masters of flight, the cages should be equipped with special bolt and hole diameter of 2.5 cm to 5 cm. Wire size is uncomfortable for the ferret feet, so to put linoleum tiles on the floor, or lay off the bottom of the cage with soft materials such as washable rug. Not all materials will be appropriate, however: wooden floors difficult to disinfect, newspaper will cause blackening of the foot ferrets, sawdust and maintain an unpleasant odor and May even lead to respiratory problems
Place the cage away from. sun on a cool, shady place, where temperatures are between 1:21 p.m. degrees Celsius. Pure linen with a mild detergent and warm water, then disinfect the cage.
u teach them how to use the litter box. / U
save your time devoted to cleaning the cage, if you teach your ferret to use the litter box. Find a small cardboard box or plastic tray, having from about 7.5 to about 12 cm, 5 cm in height, which will serve as a cell. Attach it to the cage away from areas where the animal sleeps and eats food. Aggregation
waste harms the eyes of ferrets and can cause breathing problem├│wz, so fill the flask with a min. 2.5 cm crystal products from paper or plant fibers. Ferrets is not as clean as a cat, but can not cover their waste regularly, so you may have to look for a litter more often.
u show them how to have fun. / U
Like cats, ferrets love to gamble and can often last from 15 to 20 hours a day. But they are awake, they are very active, so the more you give them a fun, happy and tend to be less malignant. Ferrets love to wade through almost everything, including PVC pipe, cardboard, paper bags, wires and pipes located in the washing machine, and even legs. Securely attach the toy to the top of the cage, your pet May be interested in it for a while.
u Cover the table. / U ferrets
hardly known for their knowledge at the table, but putting a heavy, ceramic container inside the cage and attach a bottle of water outside the cage, youre able to avoid any leakage. Because of their high metabolism, ferrets are able to digest a meal in about 3 or 4 hours, which means that they can consume between seven and ten small meals a day.
are carnivores and their health depends on your diet that contains at least 32% protein and 18% fat by dry food for cats and ferrets, with high quality, should be just right. As treats, they provide melons, whole grains, low in sugar, chopped broccoli, green peppers, or cooked eggs. Avoid dog foods that contain adequate nutrients, and a page from sweet or salty foods.
u Hold them gently. / U
ferrets are social beings who enjoy meeting people, so try to find some time where they can safely move around the cage. Although the senses are incredibly developed sense of smell and hearing, to have limited vision, which means that you should avoid sudden movements, and before approaching the animal is recommended to speak gentle tone.
Since ferrets are sensitive skeletons, it will be necessary to keep them carefully. Never lift the skunk by the tail, instead, let alone that it has come to you, and then lift it from the back with both hands, and keep a breast, the other thigh. You can also grab the ferrets neck, on the other hand maintaining the lower parts. You should remember that these creatures are known for their trickery. If you point your finger at the Ferret or jog, you May think of you as an enemy or a source of food.
u Keep it clean. / U
put it mildly, ferrets are not always smelling like roses. Their sebaceous glands, which they use to mark territory, secrete oil with natural pi┼╝mowym smell, which is comparable with that of the skunk. If you think that the skunk can be with you for a long time, consider sterilization and castration, which restricts odors, or replace the bedding more often.
Ferret Bathe using a shampoo for cats, ferrets or diluted shampoo children. However, too many baths will only increase the intensity of the odor because the sweat glands to rise. Ferrets are susceptible to mites in the ears, so that every few weeks should be cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in detergent, which can be purchased at the store. Just like dogs and cats, ferrets are also susceptible to fleas and ticks, but the vet will help you to customize a program to combat these pests.

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