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Pets - dogs, cats, parrots, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs. Read about training for dogs, treatment of animals, haircut dogs, allergy on cats.


How to carry your dog by car

How to handle your dog vacation traveling by car is approaching Ami, so try to think about what we do at the moment with our loved ones

holiday travel period approaches
with, so try to think about what we do at the moment with our loved ones easiest way would be to take a pet during our trip to a family member or friend .. This is a good solution, Of course if you have someone who is willing to take care of the dog, and our quadruped knows and loves that person. If you do not find anyone like it or leave will be for us too big a problem, we have to take your dog on holiday with you. It is worthwhile to read the specific rules in force all dog owners when traveling with pets.
traveling by car, we must provide adequate security of your dog to protect it from falling and executed balance of the car, but primarily to prevent driver distraction. state when the dog jumped on her knees unexpectedly leads to a car owner, can be fatal
Even if our pet just like driving a car -. and it happens quite often - and it can not travel freely, while sitting on your lap one of the passengers. best to buy a special cage for transportation. Select the appropriate size for your pet. inside of the cage should be slightly soft wymościć leave the dog courage, we can put it inside our old sweater or shirt, owner proximity things went up to him convincingly.

cage must be securely in the car, so it does not move while driving.
If you have a Caravan, we put the cage in the trunk, but in this case reveals, of course, the outer sheet, separating the trunk from inside the car. dog in the trunk of other types are not allowed
If you do not have or do not want to buy a cage, you should get at least harnesses for dogs and pets clip on the seat. If you fear that your dogs paws pobrudzi place, we can buy special covers that are easy to put on and off.
Keep in mind that dogs tolerate heat much worse than people. Let us carry water and container, and often give it to your pet.
stop do not leave your dog in the car, just let go, with peace drinking and arrange for physiological effects. dog should have a chance to obwąchania new to the area and rozejrzenia. After returning the car will be calmer and ready to continue their journey.
Remember that the abnormal transport of a dog may be detained by the police and punished!

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