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How to choose a hairdresser for a dog

How to choose a hairdresser for the dog more and more people, especially those living in the block, decides to purchase long-haired dog

more and more people, especially those living in the block, decides to purchase long-haired dog Unfortunately, sometimes these decisions are sick, and the owners do not realize until the end of the case, how much time it takes to care for pets clothes .. However, choosing a dog with long hair, we must reckon with visits to the hairdresser or dog groomer over the world. How to choose a good professional and show our dog to the hairdresser is not his enemy?
We have to choose a dog specialty stores. beauty, where staff will take care of our dogs and will make him miss the true beauty in this salon, we can choose to have almost everything, except for cutting, bathing, hair styling, we can ask for a selection of clothes, matching obróżki, and sometimes even the coloring matter. : we want to treat your pet like showroom dummies?
You can also look for small dogs and salon offering haircuts, or people who have completed courses in grooming and dorabiają in this way at home.
Whatever your choice, Consider cutting or maintain hygiene or lounge is equipped with the necessary accessories, absolutely essential for a good clipper.
First of all, let us, however, the ratio of staff to their four-legged clients, it says a lot about the man and the quality of service. expressing our pets pet in the hands of someone who is not suited for it, we run the risk that they will always remain a trauma for the razor and scissors. In some salons have entered tablets calming hyperactive and aggressive, try to avoid it. Call us for the barber shop start at the very beginning, when the dog is still a puppy. Do not forget that these people will visit regularly, so try to make good choices.
dog had no problem with such visits, you get used to it from childhood. already chosen to select a puppy hairdresser, certainly not for a haircut , and get acquainted. Let sniffing everything, make sure the person who will in future be raised and his courage nagrodźmy treat. During the next visit, we ask the hairdresser for cutting nails and chapnięć some scissors just believe and incorporate the razor toddler is aware of its sound. course at the end of the visit do not forget the prizes. dog tamed in this way should not have any resistance before the visit to the dog room.
The styling is up to us, we ask you to cut a suitable specimen for the breed or shaving hair in the summer, language.

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