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How to cultivate during moulting canary

How to cultivate during moulting canary moulting occurs twice a year

moulting occurs twice a year total replacement of feathers occurs in Autumn and it is called moulting a little coating occurs in spring and autumn when its not a big feathers from the wings and tail .... a fixed period for the birds stop sing - for men - reduces their resistance, and can become depressed Therefore, it is important at this time of increased concern about your favorite
Canaries usually like swimming, and we should provide them .. as a possibility during the year, setting up a pool or a bowl of water. If the canary is still avoids bathing, we can use a clean sprayer for flowers.
remember that time is still quite cold, so when we are planning for the bird bath, make sure all windows are closed, because a slight breeze can cause colds. If the ambient temperature is low, it is slightly warm room.
protect your pet from the air and temperature changes. This is the period when the canary is particularly sensitive to cold, so it is important to continue remain in constant conditions.
worth mentioning that the cold-canary in the treated fairly difficult, there is indeed a special preparation, and if we are happy to help you quickly. Unfortunately, on average, vets do not have much knowledge about the bird home, and some even and refusing to take treatment. It is therefore important to prevent any disease.
eat more of a mixture of Canary eggs, vitamin supplements and green.
birds must have access at all times the sand and crushed shells. easiest way to buy in pet stores dedicated to a special sand canary, which includes a ground test.
very helpful and quickly coating the green cucumber, so make sure you do not want in our pet food. Give her a carrot, apple, etc.
As for the green, you can sow the seeds for the canary, as watercress, birds will appreciate the benefit of private meadow.
kept clean and in a cage around it. regular exchange of substrate cleaning and karmidełek żerdek should be the agenda. During moulting attention to hygiene should be increased, and the frame around intoxication and cleaned regularly with a feather dropped.

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