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How to teach your dog to bring slippers

How to teach your dog to bring slippers Learn bring slippers we can only begin when our pet to perfection masters command contribution

bring slippers we can only begin when our pet is mastered to perfection retrieving command trick with slippers on average, more useful and something that can zaszpanowańá against your friends, but science is done properly .. Dog friendly fun, and always gathers and pet owners.
to use the following method, we must be sure that your pet is responding properly to commands contribution. and reminders for practice Lets rehearse it several times an object, usually fetch our dog, and then we make a brief break
Now we say the dog to perform a sit command, and not far from him, put the slippers, which are expected to submit a contribution
then give the command - .. slippers and hand pointing to the object you are retrieving. When
dog understands us and bring laczek, even one, it should be rich in praise and treat.
As with any learning to be patient and repeat the exercise every day. When our students are defeated, we begin to put away slippers, and finally even hide them in the chair.
exercise mastered to perfection, we can begin to use the command, in normal life situations as you get out of bed.

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