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How to calm a rabbit in the night

How to calm a rabbit in the night Is your rabbit bites and pulls the cage bars at night, probably not giving you sleep?

Is your rabbit bites and pulls the cage bars at night, do not give sleep probably on the way to behave in almost all the rabbits they are nocturnal animals, so the evening began to demand the release? .. Cages, petting and playing. sometimes biting and scratching at the cage can also be caused by lack of water or food. What do you do to calm a rabbit at night? Here are some tips that will help you sleep through the night. Provide
.. Rabbit in the day a lot of traffic, entertainment and How get tired during the day it might be quieter at night bunny is good to leave a few hours a day to be able to easily jump around the house - or at least peace -. best to let the rabbit in the late evening hours, 2-3h before falling asleep. Then in the next few hours, the rabbit will be tired, and maybe we will not wake up.
cover the cage with a guinea pig for the night with a blanket. This bunny will be quieter and not seen as Rabbit will chew them instead of bars. Sharp sticks for rabbits is a good activity, so that May be able to sleep through the night.

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