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How to get used to the dog or cat to the child

How to get used to the dog or cat to the baby when the baby comes home, the introduction of the new system can do a bit of difficulty

at home when the baby comes, the introduction of the new system may offer some difficulty is time to accustom your pet to the presence of a new family member I do not know how to do this, read the instructions below ..?. Br u
avoid violence. / u
It can really scare your pet, especially if you are not accustomed to new things, people, and adverse reactions. your area has a new favorite character. Establishing a connection between them can be difficult, and will require a long time.
u an animal sniffing things and be with your baby. / u
If a child is near blanket or toy, do not chase him. sniffing the pet gets used to the child and give him a chance to learn about him as much as possible.
u Walk around the animal from the child in her arms and try to keep the distance between them in the game, does not allow for the time being in direct contact. / u
If animals are still afraid remain at a safe distance .. For both turns in a gentle soothing voice Ask your child what it is and it ... -? and to name the animals -. Use zmiękczeń, such as cat and dog instead of a cat or dog. If you use a mild voice in relation to child and pet, he will not feel alienated.
seafront common sense and try to accustom your child to an animal when asleep. / u
Do not allow your child to touch him in this time, let your eyes observe carefully. This allows your child begins to feel comfortable in the presence of animals.
u Give them some time and observe the behavior of both children and animals when they are close to each other / u
Patience is the key, and then, if:.
• If despite your efforts, there is no difference in the behavior of these two against each other.
• If you think that between them there are only negative reactions. it is best to keep animal from the pet child will gain confidence and will not be ready to be in the company of children.
• If you feel between the two positive responses, encourage them to play.
U Sit with your child on your lap in a place where your pet usually resides. / u
lead to interactions between them, then let the animal sniff the child and the child to touch his hair. Pay attention to the reactions and the word childs face to see if they like. Pay special attention to childs behavior when the pet begins to lick his feet.

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