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How to deal with nymphs

How to deal with nymphs Everyone has something to do

Everyone has something to do for some people who participate in sports, and some singing, some have pets, which he will explain how to deal with parrots nymphs as they feed, and the room in which to keep.
nymphs ... I would not advise to buy the pet shop. prices go back up to 120 gold. go to the big city and go to market. always sold at a fair animals. nymph purchased for 55 to Zl 89zł. Take yourself had some records that fit the nymph.
Once you have purchased a nymph to buy cages. cage or you can buy on the market. Nymphs really like swings, so do not forget about it.
If your town is a favorite store to go there and buy food you can buy food in a box -. to view the most stern nymphs nymphs -. in some pet stores or you can buy food on a scale jadzenie Buy containers and water nymphs may also feed on shredded carrots, apples and other fruits .., plantain ears, Stellaria common. I also recommend dry rowan. You also need to buy some chips or straw.
You already have all the necessary materials. Keep containers, fill them with food and water to the bottom of the cage and put a little hay. cage is best to put on the table, more or less at a height of 65 cm. About 19:30 pm Dark Frame, cover with a towel, but we must remember to provide air access to the nymph. next day we discover a cage between the hours of 7:30 to 10:00. After the Discovery cage should be supplemented with a bucket of water and food.
tame parrots should be allowed out of their cages at least 3 times a week for half an hour to be able to freely fly around the room. During this time, stay in a room with a parrot. After a while the gentle parrot, he will sit on your finger as shown above.
picture next to my parrots.
This is my second parrot.

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