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How to clean your cats ears

How to clean your cats ears Care for your cats ears is very important

care for the cat ears is very important to many people never clean cat ears, because I do not see the need, or do not know how to do As a result, the cat becomes ill, it could have been avoided if the regular .. worry about our pets ear condition. Checking cat ears should be a weekly routine, and cleaning them, when necessary. most common problems with cat ears, ears, scabies, bacterial infections, yeast infections, allergies, eczema. Cleaning the ears is a simple, but you know what to look and how to go about it.
most important thing is to check the condition of the cat ears. If you start to do it as a cat is small, then there will be problems with the cleaning of the ears, when the cat grows - the cat will bite and scratch - ...
Try to clean the ears is a beautiful cat before and after surgery to help around your cats favorite delicacy This cat will not tear or cause other issues
Heat olive oil to body temperature -. best to put a glass of oil in a bowl of warm water -. Two drops of oil put the cat ears and ear Rub the oil is well distributed Wait about 5 minutes .. So, if the cat will shake his head. Then the oil will reach the deeper parts of the ear and dissolves dirt, which will come out.
After 5 minutes, take your cat and hold the top of the ear between thumb and forefinger and gently relax them back, to have access to the interior of the ear.
cleaning cat ears using an ear swab or spatula. If the ears are very dirty, then it is better to take cotton ball, soak it in water, gently squeeze the last drop and then wipe the cat ear contamination can be washed with a stick and repeat the process just as they learn roughly cleaned, you can use a spatula to spatula use
ears very carefully Do not put it deep in the ear - clean it .... Only those sites that are visible. Try to remove all impurities.

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