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How to give your cat medication

How to give your cat medication what is probably the second, do not give a medicine cat

probably what you are after another, do not give your cat medication and you thought it was so easy, would not cure the cat ate it just does not have to spit out a real cunning and patience?. Cats are not stupid and I have not heard about it, who would be happy to try and eat all the pills and medications. Typically, an attempt to force a cat to take medication several goals - several dozen - scratches and loud voices - miaukiem -. So get to work.
u Prepare a drug that you have a cat near the place where you will perform the procedure. In the case of a successful attempt to open the mouth of a cat you need to have quick and easy access to drugs. / U
syringes to administer the pill is very similar to ordinary syringes for drug use in the liquid. Tablets placed in the top of the syringe and injected into his throat as soon as the cat can open the mouth of a cat. How do you manage to slip a pill that does not let us rejoice too soon. Now, keep your mouth so the cat can not spit - and spit out odcharknie cat a pill for a few meters -., Inject the syringe into his mouth full of water and wait for the cat that swallowed
u Cat Lift and hold with one hand, while others try to open a cat mouth. / U You can also put the cat on the platform, to make it easier for you.
seafront open cats mouth. / U To do this, press both sides of the lower jaw, the cat with the thumb and middle finger. The index finger to push the upper jaw to the top - lean finger at the top, small teeth -.
u Put the cat drug in the mouth and inject it into my mouth a little water, the cat that swallowed them. / U
If you give a cat a pill you have to put the cat mouth very quickly.
no injection of fluid or medication in the cat by the throat. The liquid can enter your cat into the trachea and the cat begins to simmer. Current medication should be injected between the cheek and the tooth cat.
u Gently snap the cat by the throat, or blow the nose hard to force a cat to swallow. / U
u Give your cats favorite treat. / U This cat saliva swallowed several times, and the process will feed your cat tablets more pleasant for him - if one can speak of any pleasure -.
Opatija road alternative methods of feeding the cat remedy / u
drug administration in a gel or paste. Home - appropriate doses of medication, apply yourself and put your finger on the cats mouth. Home - If you heal your finger a little cat wsmaruj them in the cheeks and mustache -. Cat wylizując opportunity to eat the rest of medicine
If you give a cat a pill, it breaks - powder - and mix a small amount of sauce with your favorite cat wet food. The resulting paste rub cats front paws and whiskers. Cat starts to lick and eat all the medication.

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