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How to transport a dog by plane

How to transport a dog by plane trip with your dog is a natural thing today

Traveling with your dog is a natural thing now dogs have become part of our family and we want to be with us wherever you go, however, there are some guidelines and protocols for traveling with your dog .. especially in the aircraft. Generally dogs can be divided into small, which can be considered baggage or large, which is treated as a mere junk. If your dog is big, here are some tips to avoid trouble on the plane.
u Choosing the right airline . / u
Make sure the airlines have specific rules for animal transport. If the selected airlines, you dog, read the rules and procedures are in place. Check relevant information such as where and when your dog to be admitted to the arrival.
u Reservations and TOTAL,. Implement general warning / u
make sure you book your tickets when you learn that the selected lines allow you to travel with your dog in most cases, there are certain number of animals., which can be transported in one trip. So you can book a flight, which will be higher problemówz dog. Ask the crew to let you keep track of your dog and he had an eye on him.
Go to the dog to the vet. / u
u / u Please ask him to check how your dog will eliminate travel. should not at least a few days before departure. You do not want to expose your dog is in danger and want to abolish the journey as well.
u Prepare transport cage for the dog. / u
If all goes so far right, looking for a suitable cage for your dog. Note its size, adequate ventilation and space for containers with water. It should be large enough that this dog can easily sit, stand, lie down and turn effortlessly. Ensure that all bolts and pins secured.
u Provide a friendly environment. / u
you can give your dog a sense of security, put in a cage of his favorite toys. This should reduce the level of anxiety. you can put in a cage all that linked him to the house, but remember that is not too complete. dog must have some space.
u Check all the details. / u
You can also make your pet collar with your personal data and travel destinations;
life ..
seafront organizations involved in the transportation of dogs / u
u / u If you can not handle the dog on the same flight, go to this type of organization that will help you.

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