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How to get rid of pigeons

How to get rid of pigeons Nobody seems to deny that the pigeons were very appreciated in history

seems to be no denying that the pigeons were highly esteemed in the history of these birds have always played an important role in human life have been sent as a messenger pigeons during the war now being used in laboratories for medical research. Help victims namierzeniu the sinking ship. Unfortunately, beyond these pluses, the pigeons also have their bad side. urban pigeons can be very annoying. These birds usually live in flocks and do not really afraid of people. They can be placed on the nest and leave their droppings at random. Studies say that urban pigeons carry many germs and diseases of rats. So how do you get rid of pigeons from our balcony and terrace?
Spread the balcony and the roof naftalinowe ball. Pigeons do not like their smell.
Remove each slot to see the pigeons.
place on the balcony of plastic owls and snakes. to scare unwanted birds.
assumption must prevent the birds nest on the balcony, roof and other places where this is possible. For example, wrap the wire. If will have pigeons where you put the socket will not be too long hosted around your home.
You can also buy special products against pigeons. gels and liquids can be used to spread a roof or balcony frighten pigeons. These products are sticky and pigeons do not want to go after them or can afford.
You can also mount the spikes or nets. best if they are plastic spikes on the metal birds often hurt.

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