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How to travel with a dog

How to travel with your dog traveling with dogs by land is much cheaper than traveling by plane

traveling with dogs by land is much cheaper than traveling by plane so most people choose the first option, but not only that price plays a role when you are traveling by car or train is much easier to control your pet ... and we have a greater chance that dog is not sick and do not stress your knowing that we are following. Here are some tips to properly and safely travel with your beloved dog.
u at hand plenty of water. / u If you are driving, pour water into a flat container with a lid. Give your dog water at least every two hours. stop, get off at the time of the car, give him water. But do not force him into his drink. Some are as much as he wants and if you do not want it to HR. Next time ...
u walking dog / u Stationary go with the dog, let him stretch your legs, it also does not hurt. keep your dog on a leash so you do not escape into the unknown, or you, or around . If you go with a cat, you must move out. dogs and they should have the opportunity to walk, every time you stop to his water, or at rest. Be patient. Even if only half an hour before wyprowadzałeś dog, and he squirms again, no time to stop and make a short walk.
U Clean your dog. / u Wear plastic bags and wipes. Throw feces in the recycle bin, do not leave the meadow or the park.
u Carry lots of toys to occupy them, the dog during the journey. / u If the dog does not sleep, you will be bored, especially on long journeys. Take toys and bones to chew on for biting. Toys should be large enough for your dog to do not swallow. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.
u Talk with your dog during the journey. / u Some dogs are nervous. Addressing that will allow them to be quiet. Talk to him gently , quiet voice. If the dog starts to whine or squeal, stroked it to say that everything will be fine. It will be good for a while if you stop and hold the dog. be sensitive to the needs of your pet.
Be patient. / u for the entire trip. If a dog with nerves meet its physiological needs of the car does not get angry with him, Ina shout. trip focusing on dogs, especially if they are not accustomed to them.

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