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How to teach your cat to eat wet food

How to teach your cat to eat wet food even the most stubborn cats can switch from dry to wet food

... Even the most stubborn cats can switch from dry to wet food only some ideas and a little patience cats experience a taste of food by its smell and texture if your cat is still eating only dry food, switch it on wet food can take several weeks, after which he got used to the smell and texture of new foods here are tips on how to teach your cat to eat wet food
hide in small portions of dry feed wet food - .. less than 1/4 table spoons -. Gradually, during the week reduces the amount of dry food in place to take responsibility for more wet food
cover your favorite dry food wet cat treats Start feeding him small portions of wet food, so that the flavor of dry food was .. intense.
Give your cat tuna, cooked chicken or turkey without the preservatives. Many pet prefers natural products over wet food.
add water to your cat canned cat then drink it with water.
wet food Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Most cats are easily loves cheese.
Put the bowl with a little bit of wet food with dry food bowl and sprinkle with a little sauce, it brings the smell.

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