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What to do when a dog gets hurt in a light bulb

What to do when a dog gets hurt in the bulb often happens that when you walk your dog gets hurt in the foot

often happens that when you walk the dog hurt her paw bleeding bulb May seem a bit daunting, but it is important to know how to react and attach to the wound if you want to know how to do in case of injury .. pads for your dog, read this Tip
injuries fall into your dogs really common when the dog was hurt, but in accordance with these rules ...
button to stop the bleeding To do this, set to break a thick layer of foam or gauze. Then we put the pressure dressing. quite close. If the dressing is still visible blood, you must have one more layer of bandage. After 1-2 hours remove the bandage and carefully watch the morning.
When walking the dog, at any time can lead to injury fall. However, such a simple thing to walk on the treats and a bandage.
dressing does not fall on him, fastening pins.

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