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How to remove a cat from a tree

How to remove a cat from a tree It is obvious that the cat can easily and quickly climbs the tree, but the descent from it is another story

It is obvious that the cat can easily and quickly climbs the tree, but the descent from him is another story, animals are often frightened and did not want to go try to persuade him to descend from the trees .. However, the collection of many observers and neighbors and more and more numerous voices reinforce the fear of cats. You may have to climb a tree for your pet. Here are some tips for quick and safe recovery of a cat from a tree.
located exactly where your cat. on which parts of wood and how much.
try to convince you that your cat is descended from the tree before you decide to download and start to climb. Invite him or use some other tricks, which reacts.
Before you start to climb to check the soil around the tree . Ensure that there is nothing that could increase the risk, if you happen to fall while climbing.
If you decide to climb the tree for the cat, please call one more person who will asekurowaƂa. assistant will tell you about any cat movement and help call an ambulance in the event of your death.
If you can already grab the cat, hold it firmly. best way is to catch the animals neck, put them into a kind of trance, and quiet.
Guide care about your safety and your pet. For surely lead the animal to the ground, insert it into the cage, slowly lower to the ground line ..
Descend tree very carefully to avoid any injury giftbox Once on the ground, do not forget to hug your cat - its probably more scared of you
u alternative. output 1 / u Join
little weight to the strong rope and flip the branch on which sits a cat.
attach the other end of the rope frame, traveling with your cat. Make sure the sides of the frame, to which entrance is slightly tilted and securely fastened the rope to support the weight. You can also put the cart a few treats a kitten with a strong odor.
Pull up to the top of the basket and wait the cat will come to him. Be patient.
If after a few hours the cat still does not want to get into the cage, you can enter the tree, and on it or just put there.
put something soft to land in a place where you complete the shopping cart. This cushion your fall. Slowly lower the cage to the ground.
u ALTERNATIVE output 2 / u

Get a laser pointer.
hit a laser pointer to where the cat will be able to see it.
spotlight Move down the tree trunk.
With a little luck, the cat he descends to the bottom. will follow the light in.

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