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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to grow in the artistic sense

How to grow in terms of art Many people think that they have no artistic ability, because they can not draw and paint

Lots of people think that they have no artistic ability, because they can not draw and paint - nothing could be further from the truth Everyone of us has more or less a sense of the beauty of individual perceptions of the world favors the creation of art, however. You can not do it in hurry. Here are some tips on how to awaken the artistic sense.
first stop the race. stop and examine carefully the things that surround you. certainly can not see at least 20% of things, although you have with them every day to deal with. You walk the same route every day on the job, but do not notice that at the corner of growing beautiful flowering trees, the house is covered with beautiful paintings. port so for some time. Haste is not suitable for the Arts. looking at every thing I think I have the origin, which is done or how I will do it myself.
interesting exercise is addictive object from the space in which it is located. different context, for example, will have villas in the hands of farmers, and others in the hands of the Biblical devil. It all depends on where we put main topic of our work. background in some way creates and affects the main character or object by giving it another meaning, or adding to the classics.
and do not restrict what you want. You can even create a spatial composition of the pins out of cans. options are endless. Famous Dadaists used even with everyday things and their promotion of art, because it looked niestereotypowo. all depends on the concept On the other hand, maybe you had the same opportunity to see what he had read the book so far.
If you already know what books they are interested in your beloved, you should find out what books are already in your possession. Because it would not fart, if it turns out that long you have selected is already present on the shelf for half a year, which was read several times. However, if you still believe that he found his way to a book, be sure to stop by the grocery bill will eventually be able to replace it with another book.
Next, visit the bookstore. Ideally, the bookstore, where people work on the subject of well-known, well-read and eager to advise you in these difficult wyborze.┼╣le qualified employees with the momentum not only advise, it may harm in choosing the correct reading.
If your boyfriend likes to read books about fantasy value would you choose any of the books by such authors as: Jacek Dukaj, Neil Gaiman and Stephen King and Jacek Piekara Pilipiuk and Andrew, Terry Pratchett and Andrzej Sapkowski Dorothy Terakowska or Tolkien.
However, if your version of the beloved detective novels he can serve any of the novel by Agatha Christie mystery, Champion, Joanna Chmielewska, Harlan Coben, or Mannkela Henning.
moral novels, and Poland and abroad will also be a good gift. Haruki Murakamis most respected authors and Umberto Eco, or Paolo Coehlo.
Polish book market, you can also buy a so-called e-books, or books in electronic form. This is the perfect gift for enthusiasts computerized life. Such books can be purchased online in larger bookstores.
However, if your boyfriend does not like too much strain on your eyes and loves to listen to radio shows, the best gift that you can do is to buy him an audiobook, or a book in the form of audio recordings to listen to. This is a great idea to spend together silly, fall or winter evening.

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