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How to photograph flowers

How to photograph flowers Below you will find information to help you take great pictures of flowers

Below you will find information that will help you take great pictures of flowers invite you to read
u Preparation / U Always
... it is essential for the efficient preparation of equipment, before only in the selection of suitable lenses, tripod, and prepare for the bullet pause before shooting and re-examine your property ask yourself some very important questions: ..
How to crop?
closer and take a wider angle? What
is the focal point? insects, stems, color, texture, shape, etc.?
At what angle do the pictures to get the best prospects?
What to give depth of field?
bright object? What
flower best suits your photographs?
Is there something in the shot, deflecting attention?
What is the best format for recording?. horizontally or vertically
u Light / u
One of the important issues to which you should consider is: Is there anything in the box, you can turn your attention?. gardens are full of problems, which include utilities, fencing, other flowers, etc. Therefore, you should consider if you want to put in a box, or remove it completely. If you select another option, here are some tips that can help you with this:
Move it - some items can be easily moved, so remove them from the scene
Move -. find a new perspective from you can avoid disturbing background
cut it - increase the zoom on the camera or come much closer to the subject
Use a narrow opening on. depth of field - if you use a wider aperture, small numbers, you can reduce the depth of field, so some elements will be outside
Move your object -. it could mean to help other people, to hold the root of a different angle, or even collect flowers to transfer to another location
u not ignore the dead and withered flowers. / u Sometimes
wilted flowers can be a wonderful facility. While it is likely to focus on the most beautiful specimens, it is sometimes useful to capture the ugly duckling.
u Provide a central point. / u

As in every field of photography so that in this you must specify the center point of the picture. You can choose from three principles.
u abstraction. / u
Sometimes extreme close-ups and focus on one part of the flower can create a stunning and unusual images. Look for interesting and contrasting colors, textures on the model.
u Focus. / u

Focus is important in every field of photography, macro photography, but is essential. depth of field in and the game mm, so focus on detail is paramount. Provide a central point, and then grant that was so sharp as possible. It can be a real challenge, especially outside on windy day. can reduce the risk of photographing objects in the room or moving the session for later hours.
u Lighting. / u Outdoor
Macro setting is often far from perfect light, so May should in this case the artificial light. using the flash experiment, in particular, consider using a diffuser or a flash point of light to another object. Remember that the more subtle lighting, a more natural effect. Nice and, of course, you can get the scattered light using a reflector. reflektorówo Try different colors to indicate the color of flowers.
u lenses. / u
for cameras without interchangeable lenses, of course, the amount of options is limited. If you have a macro mode that allows you to focus on objects closer using a wider aperture, use it. In case of a digital SLR with lens changes, consider buying a macro lens. Most camera manufacturers offer several types of them, for example, the focal length of 50 mm, 60 mm, 100 mm, 180 mm, etc. Each course has its own requirements and features, so before you buy think carefully. Remember that shorter focal length means that it is necessary to approach the object.

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