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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to set up for photos

How to position your photo can make the picture will be terrible or fantastic

Your position can make the picture will be terrible or fantastic It is important to know in which position and what looks best angle mirror and a picture will tell you how and what items are to avoid the ... It does not mean to have in every picture look the same and you can not improvise. It all depends on your imagination and confidence. and go to the pictures you need to practice and select items that look best. Some of these items can be full of drama learning about other cultural fashion magazines -. everything look great in them
u Check out what angle looks best / u
posing for photographs is not difficult when you know from what perspective is the best look. It can be easily checked. Stand in front of mirror and try different things. If you have a flat tummy and wide hips can be sideways position, if you have short legs are likely to come out better if it was taken from the bottom, etc.
u What not to do when a: / u Home - Do not do a hand - reduces the ability to pose and nose makes the picture look bigger than it actually is Home - .. Do not stand directly in front of the camera with arms hanging from the side will look more interesting if at least put your hand Starting in the pocket -. not pose for a picture in a way that never before wypróbowałaś You can leave a mirror image unnatural and strange
u to be present .. / u

- Do something with your hands - Put them on the hips, playing with my hair, kept in the hands of Home support -. use props to make the picture more interesting you can use them for any kind of photography -. can be sand from the beach, shell, flower, scarf, etc. Home -. Select the items that you feel comfortable and natural for
u / u
classic position of the image is positioned opposite the camera with one leg and one arm extended forward and gently twisted her hips. women take that position, of course, up with people who stand upright as usual pins. You can also turn your head slightly to one side and look straight at the camera - so no George Washington posing for photos found on the dollar bill
u If
You sit slightly angled to the camera .. / u If
sit flat on the thighs and abdomen will look much fatter than they really are.
u always looking for something more than a camera. / u This
eyes are more open. If a photographer below to see ahead. This method always uses the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In addition, this technique can reduce red eye.
u Lean / u
body leans slightly forward toward the camera. This picture is interesting. This item also causes the voltage of person that will be less visible wrinkles and limp skin. Remember that when it does not raise too much chin up.
u got rid of second chin. / u
Try to lengthen your neck and gently lift your head up. camera has to be above you or at least the same level. If you sit, you can plant them in one hand under the chin that seems to stand on. If possible, try to hide from the camera of your hands, followed by the thumb. Do not lean your head with all its weight, so as not to distort the skin around the neck.
u Relax. / u
you more relaxed and confident, better look in Fig. Smile for the picture should look like when pronouncing the cheese. To Practice course looked in the mirror. If you have the most photos it looks bad means too nervous in front of a camera if you know you will soon be a picture take a deep breath and exhale relax your hands and hand Home - .. Do not hold your breath when shooting page -. If you know that image recording is delayed, do not panic and do what you do, ignoring the camera Home - Relax. mouth and forehead smooth out the wrinkles between the eyes
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How to get out beautifully in the picture

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