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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to make subtitles in Subtitle Workshop

How to make subtitles in Subtitle Workshop but I know that watching movies on their computers in the shelter of their homes, apartments

But I know that watching movies on their computers in the shelter of their homes in the unit Do not tell me that its not often looking for different subtitles .. żnych movies, or maybe you have enough knowledge, strength and courage to confront their creation world? Nothing could be simpler! only be eligible for this program and language. nothing more. you advice on how to do subtitles in Subtitle Workshop.
First download Subtitle Workshop - Links -
.. to load the movie / u
To download the movie, simply click on the menu and lsquo;. Movie / Open you can use the keyboard and press Ctrl and P is also another way, if you are presented with two or any other reason you did not Click to meet the existing subtitles for your videos i drag them to the window. If the message The file is not a valid video file, it means that you can not have all the codecs. Check it out then. If you do not have the correct codecs, download Coda Codec Pack ... This should solve the problem
u Create a new file / u
in Subtitle Workshop, go to File / new subtitle is - File & rsquo ;/ new series - or press Ctrl + N. Once created, you can add subtitles to save them using Ctrl + S or in the menu, go to File / Save - . file / Save - .....
We recommend using SubRip format This will create a sub
* Give appropriate file name Remember that if you want subtitles appear automatically in some players, you should call them the same way the video files are called. So if for example the video file has an address C geekvids :/ / freesoftwaresong.avi subtitle files also need to have the same C :/ geekvids / Note
expansion to add a description to the appropriate place in the video file, click on Edit / Insert - subtitled. Edit / loaded movie -. Subtitles will be automatically added and displayed at the designated time.
If you want to add subtitles before the selected item, press Shift and Insert or go to Edit / Insert before.
Create subtitle
each row you can do this by alternately letting go and stop the movie -. then pressing the Insert -. was selected number one [1] Set in the second subtitle to appear. and where should disappear. [2] To set the time at which the subtitle should appear, click on the Show, set the time and press Enter. To set the time in which the missing subtitles, click on Hide and press Enter. You can also use the the Up and Down to change the value of time. Number three [3] points to the place where you enter text that, RY, which will be displayed. To edit subtitles just click on the text box and text, as soon as you like .
Once you do, do not forget to save your work.

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