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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How shadeless tent

How to make a tent shadeless If you do not want to spend money on the shadeless tents can do it yourself and get the same results

If you do not want to spend money on the shadeless tents can do it yourself and get the same results Tents bezcieniowych prices are quite prohibitive, especially because they consist of materials and a few lights So, if you do not do this .. you have excess money to To learn how to make a tent made of materials that are probably at home
u needs .. / u u
box / u
can be any size, but you will be able to point out. best to square it up. you can find any free boxes. You can find them on the back of the shopping centers in the food web ShopAbout sklepówz device or practically any place that carries out or sell some products. the denser a better box,
u materials. / u
It can also be made of any kind. my white muslin fabric, which is located in the local arts and crafts store. buy enough material to cover the entire frame. also You can use other fabrics, such as White Nylon and white fleece. If you are a very economical and have a bit of unnecessary white shirt, cut them in half. If you use multiple shirts, make sure that their color is the same as the final result May not be what you want.
u tape. / u
use tape to ensure the material on the sides of the box, and this, in case you want to try other fabrics. You use ordinary masking tape.
u glue. / u
you can use a glue stick or spray adhesive to stick to the lining inside the box.
u Bristol White / u
will serve as a lining inside the box and will serve as the background - 50 sheets -. Bristol is a heavy paper that is used in the design and art. name comes from a place where it was invented, that of Bristol in England. If you want a different background, you can also choose to Bristol in other colors.
u lighting. / u
will need to highlight the box and this May will be the most expensive part of the project, unless you have light. Lighting is important in this project. Without it, you get the desired image. Use incandescent bulbs will produce gastric LTE light and therefore should be avoided if you have a lamp on the table that should be adequate
meters seafront Various tools, ruler, scissors and knife / u ..
Now that you have the materials, we will show you how to make a tent after a shadeless
in. When youre done, you can do it nice, clean and crisp product
u Step
. / u Take
box, meter and marker and measuring 5cm from the edge of the frame, which indicates a lot of points with a marker. When finished, you will see a line, connect the points with a ruler, then you should have a nice square / rectangle within the framework of a 5-inch border around it. Leave the top and bottom of the box, because you do not have to choose.
Cut the box that comes up. Repeat for all sides of the boxes, which are squares. When finished, cut the top of the box, or remove lid on top of the box. Leave the bottom intact!
Now get Bristol list and select the line with a marker every 5 cm, 16 times. Then continue to reduce the 16 strips with scissors.
glue strips of paper inside the box. Make sure the paper label side facing the side of cardboard, so it was not visible.
Take another piece of Bristol and cut sheet, so that the width is the same as inside the frame, and the length is more than a box.
place for long. piece of sheet .. Bristol in the nesting box, a piece of paper on the bottom avoid fighting, it will be visible in the photograph Cut off excess paper protruding from the top
Cut the fabric large squares / rectangles - they will cover the holes on the sides of the frame. then cut a large piece that will cover the top of the box.
Using tape attach the material to cover the holes in the box, except for the background.
Now all you have to do is to light the box and begin recording !
There are many ways you can use to make such an image you want. If you have problems with shadows, illuminate the other side of the box. If there is vignetting, use a lens cap or move the lens closer to the center of the frame. Photoshop can also be a useful tool!

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