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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to perform a magic trick

How to perform magic tricks Magic tricks are a form uprzyjemnienia interesting or fun event for children

Magic tricks are a form uprzyjemnienia interesting or fun event for kids Everybody loves zaszpanować time, so a few tricks up his sleeve
u disappears item .. / u
You will need : scarf - preferably silk -, a small object - cubes or pellets -, eraser, we hid his right hand in front of the audience as it is behind your back and stretch the rubber band thumb index i, it is important to be pulled tight. so far out of the closet, and one laid on her handkerchief, and on top of the ankle. trick is to quickly and quietly with a strong strzepnięcia slip rubber fingers and hand finished your ankle and hold materials. audience will only see the scarf, which went from nothing, even whereas previously the ankle. trick should be practiced several times before an audience.
u Standing Match. / u
This is a simple trick that will have a box of matches and a table covered with cloth. Please spectator choose any two of the boxes of matches, we have one for yourself, others must leave the spectator and ask him to do exactly what we do Rub a match head -. previously unnoticed ślinimy fingers, so we wet the head of our games - the viewer does the same thing, of course, dry. After a while the glue the match head to our tablecloth and leave him in a standing position, the viewer is trying to put the match, but he will not succeed. Then we can even go crazy and take the match spectators, rub in its own way and the bet.
u slicing bananas / u.
It was very spectacular trick, because viewers can see exactly have the support and can not be discovered before the trick specially prepared fruit with needle -. a long time -. holding the needle in the fruit, not manipulating your wider hole in the middle of a banana cut so be careful not to cut too much inner skin as well. the peeling of fruits may crack and spoil the effect. so prepared bananas give audience glance and then my eyes begin to peel the fruit, it turns out that the banana is already cut, surprise in the eyes of viewers guaranteed.
u Permanent handkerchief / u We
sensitive tissue and a thin wire. Interleaved wire from one into the other corner of a handkerchief, so that the least visible. Now you can easily make out a handkerchief and held it tightly with no problems, and then crush them in his hands.

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