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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to be photogenic

How to be photogenic Not everyone feels good on camera

.. Not everyone feels good on camera if you walk to school or not uczęszczałaś modeling of this type, of course, you probably do not know what to do to come out better in the pictures you can try, but if your efforts have a positive effect probably not
So the question is: *. why some people take the photographs well, even better than they look in reality the truth is that they know exactly? what to do to look better and take on certain items in the scene. You can also learn it. It is not as difficult as it seems. Here are some
and will help you to go out on a great photo.
These guidelines will help you if youre a professional photographer and photography with other people, especially when: Home - Customers do not like to come out in photographs, Home - Do not buy on your photos, Home - Do you earn money
So, learn how to ask people to take pictures and pose for pictures to come out nice ..
u Pay attention to how men and women face. / u
is a big difference between them. Women tend to move in a natural way of weight on one leg. Through this move the hips angled line to the caller as well as their hands. This attitude on the picture looks natural and interesting.
On the other hand, people are. usually the camera like a series of upright and look straight at the camera their feet evenly based on the ground These photos are unnatural and stilted No solution - making scenes ... leaning his weight on one leg this Zaro, NCE men and women You May feel a little silly, but because it looks so much better if you
- and move your weight to one side or other
... u lean forward slightly at the camera. / u
gently inclined person in the photo looks more interesting and natural. Imagine having a long neck like a giraffe, pull it up and then bend your head slightly down. With this angle the picture will not see a hole in the nose and avoid a double chin.
u good / u

Youll learn how to change the state of being Although you are very tired, bored or angry in a split second to look as if you were happy and in good spirits To achieve this it is best to be reminded of something beautiful - the mere mention of the cause .. we will immediately look better. Remember that it is not enough just to smile. If you smile then come out in order to force him in the picture. genuine smile when your eyes are more narrow, making the delicate and wrinkles around the eyes in line to go a little rubb.
u Page 3/4 / u
Learn to smile at 3 / 4 No one looks really nice when you have all your teeth at the top, and you can see the tonsils. In addition, with a broad smile, you too will soon see his eyes. Learn smile, and 3/4.
u Never look straight into the camera / u
When shooting, try to look through the lens - the photographer .. at the top of the head or the upper side of this picture is more natural
u not close your eyes / u

try not to blink or close your eyes during the flash, or shortly thereafter. Closing your eyes is a bad habit that has a decisive influence on the way in which we see in the picture. Also do not try rounded or turn a blind eye. They are a window into the soul, Therefore, a wider open them better - exercises in front of a mirror so as not to overdo it -.
Read how to pose for photos to go szczupło and nice to get out of the picture.

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