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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to do a card trick with the prediction in an envelope

How to do a card trick with the prediction in an envelope This is a very convincing trick

... This is a very convincing trick magician shows an envelope and explains that this is the card with the inscription on it from a browser receives a card deck of cards is requested rearrangement and deposition of one card from the deck. Finally, it seems that the top card in the deck, the same whose name is hidden in an envelope. Want to learn how to trick? Just read it.
Post card name on the paper. For example, enter the ten of clubs.
Fold a piece of half and put the envelope. Seal the envelope, you can even seal, if you want.
Remove from the deck of cards that you entered on the card and insert it into the envelope. Place the envelope with the card under the table, so it is both very easy to raise - that is, . no one can see that the card is located under the envelope
As I placed the envelope on the table, give the viewer decks of cards and ask them. its exact reconstruction. During shuffled cards will tell you that from time to time pulled out a card on deck. Some attract what you want and pause, as it is believed that enough is enough.
envelope with Lift card under it and put it on the deck of cards. Be careful not to slip the card. In this way, you put your card on deck. viewer will think it is, this card is on top.
Ask the spectator to pick up the envelope and turned the first card in the deck.
now tell viewers to open the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper and read what it says on it. will be surprised, because the card is canceled and the inscription on the paper in the envelope is correct.

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