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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to avoid dependence on TV

How to avoid dependence on Television: Television is one of the biggest mass media

Television is one of the biggest mass media more and more people retire from the media like radio or newspapers for television This is not good because of the three TV is the worst medium, because it forces the viewer to think for themselves. The only decisions that are taken in an objective viewer to change channels. not develop creativity and imagination here, as in the case of radio and newspapers. In addition, television is the time eating and can be addictive. Is it worth wasting many hours of life on unnecessary programs and series on television? What do not become addicted to television?
first need to understand how much time per day spent watching TV. If you find that very often reach for the remote control TVs do not have time for other activities, you are a fan of the hundreds of television shows sign that we do something about it!
then list on a piece of software that mostly looks and hours per day. from the list of programs and series, choose the three you are most interested, most helpful and educational. In addition, preferably, by hours projections of these programs do not interfere with other activities, and there is only a short vacation. So, you can choose programs that are flying in the afternoon, in order to be able to relax after work to watch TV. Another convenient time to watch television that evening when the whole family, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, or sit and watch a TV show or some other program. Then comes the time for discussion with other recipients of the program to what you see on the TV screen. to connect business with pleasure, because you will develop the ability to talk and debate.
But if you break away from the TV too difficult for you, you are equally comfortable, but more useful occupations. This can be a sport, for example, running, cycling or simply walking the dog, so you have / had the opportunity to take care of their physical prowess , youll be in touch with nature, and perhaps meet new friends - and fans. sport.
But if you type an athlete, sew in a bookstore or library, read books, magazines. Subscribe to the debate club, meet new people . It will develop their knowledge and creativity.
Still others are resting, to Create your own garden, even small, properly cared for and who you love in this way, to stay in the fresh air and feel that doing something, not only for themselves but for others - .. for example, growing vegetables and fruit -
must try to spend as much time outdoors, so do not try the TV and the remote itself is not jumping on your hands: -.

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