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What types of art and learn the importance of art in the category of art. Traditional aesthetics six different types of art, to movies and comics expanded the traditional divisions of art. These are: music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, dance and strip.


How to make a good picture

How to make a good photograph Probably everyone has a camera

.... Probably everyone has a camera, some of us dealing with an amateur photographer Sometimes, however, such images do not go as we wanted to not just know how to correct it, but it is usually a few technical details. Just let them know, and photos will definitely be better. do just that, read this article, because it gives a few technical tricks you can use. Try them, and surely your image will become better, more refined. we!
must first choose the right frame. Unlike appearances, this is not so simple. First of all, we need well-placed objects you want to photograph. We must realize that the main goal should be at the center of the frame. To help
filmmakers and photographers came up with the division staff in 9 squares - 3 of 3 rows - .. main aim should be placed on the central square, because the area of ​​the first strikes the eyes of viewers
present in every camera there should be an option Split frame for these 9 squares. If you have trouble grasping something in the right place, you can enable it.
Another important element is light. annoys you that your photos are still blurred out? or taking pictures with flash look like they are ugly and distorted, it is because because flash is not really the best idea is better to take pictures without it - if possible .. -. But we need to ensure adequate light if youre outdoors, it is not crumbling .. Flash bulbs, because the sun is 100% sufficient Taking photos at home, I better try to get a white light, as you know there is a professional flash photography, but if you do not want to buy them easy to install white light -. like neon lights -. In addition, you can use the umbrellas, which are well guided by the light and the use of aluminum foil, which will reflect light in a direction that we chose
What do you do when youre on the road soon and we need to do a nice photo
.? Then, of course, selection, we can not afford to choose the right light. However, we can use a trick from the square to select the appropriate personnel.
In addition, however, we must remember that we often have to take pictures quickly. In this case, if you have a digital camera, set. display on the camera screen Take for example corresponding feature in the landscape images do not choose manual settings -. those who can afford the more sober meeting - because .. change depending on the exposure settings selected functions are much faster
On the outside we do not do flash. often is able to destroy the effect of . often prohibited from use in some museums.

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